Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Overall Healing Process

Today I was reading a chapter in Breaking Free by Beth Moore.  It's a wonderful book!  I highly recommend it.  Brody's adoptive mother gave it to me in the hospital when I had him, and I am so glad she did!  It was very sweet!

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In this book she talks about the freedom we have in Christ and how to obtain it.  In the particular chapter I was reading today, "Straight to the Heart" Beth Moore talks about the verse that says, "He sent me to bind up the brokenhearted."  She talks about how the Hebrew word for broken means '"to burst, break into pieces, wreck, crush, smash; to rend, tear in pieces (like a wild beast)'".  Then she talks about how the word for bind up means "'to bind on, wrap around; bind up as a wound, bandage, cover, envelope, enclose...to compress,...to stop"'.   She then continues to explain, "God defines a broken heart...as one that is hemorrhaging.  Compressing the hemorrhaging heart is the idea of applying pressure to a badly bleeding wound...A crushing hurt comes, and the sympathizing, scarred hand of Christ presses the wound; and for just a moment, the pain seems to intensify...but finally the bleeding stops."

How great is her analogy?  There have been times that I've "felt guilty" for how well I've done, and how quickly I was at peace after giving away my child.  I talk to other birthmothers, and I think, "What's wrong with me?  Am I heartless?"
I can't feel that way.  When God heals, it's permanent.  I'm not going to take that away from Him.  It was nothing I did.  It's not because of my strength or determination; it is because of His power and faithfulness.  I prayed daily, over and over again, "God, heal my heart.  Let me let you heal me.  Don't let me block you.  Heal my heart. Let me let you; let me let you..."  Over and over again.  And He did!!  I'm so thankful.  The intense pain from being without Brody made me useless.  There is no way I would have my new job or any motivation to do anything productive if God wouldn't have done that.  I am able to walk in peace because it was truly God that restored me, and that can't be broken or taken away.

I am so thankful for the healing He has brought to my heart.  I am thankful for the motivation He has given me.  I am thankful for His guidance and his love.  Without it all, there is no telling where I would be.

Have you thanked God today?  Maybe He brought restoration to you in a completely different area of your own life.  Either way, never forget what He has done for you.  Never feel guilty for what He has done in you.  Don't let your past hold you back.  Let HIM heal you, and thank Him for it everyday!

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