Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coping With the "Special Days"

Number five on my hardest parts list was:

5. The sting on those "special days."

Everyday without your child is hard, but there are a few days that are harder than others.  You have mothers day, your birthday, your child's birthday, Christmas, holidays... and countless others.  Those days are intense.  Those days are a little less bearable.  

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Considering Brody was only born in February, I have only had to deal with Mother's Day and my birthday thus far.  On my birthday I didn't really have much of a reaction.  I was basically numb.  Didn't really celebrate with friends or anything.  As far as mother's day, I allowed myself to be distracted.  I made a point to be busy.  I don't think it ever fully hit me.  

I don't completely have an answer for this one yet.  I'm still learning.  I know Christmas and next February are going to be very hard-But I know God will get me through it just like he does every other day! :)

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