Monday, July 29, 2013

Other Children

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After having a child that I placed with an adoptive family, it's strange having interactions with other people's children.  Every time, however, it's a different reaction.

There are some children that I absolutely love being around and click with; it's like my maternal instinct has stuck and I am a natural.  There are other children who I used to get along with marvelously, and now it's awkward.  Strange huh?

Some children remind me of Brody and just make me feel sad.  It's weird, because I don't why they do.  If all little boys reminded me of him (since Brody is a boy) that would make sense.  But it's not just boys.  And there are some boys who I don't get that feeling from. 

It's just interesting how it affects your everyday life.

Has anyone else who has placed their child for adoption had experiences like this?  Or do you feel the same way around other children as you did prior to having your child?  Just curious!

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