Sunday, August 4, 2013

For Our Loved Ones

I have a wonderful support group, but being a situation that none of us are very familiar with, almost all of my friends have said that they want to be there for me but they don't exactly know how.

Every person deals with grief and difficult situations different ways.  For me, and I'm sure a lot of others in this situation, what helps the most is acknowledging it.  No, it's not the only thing I ever want to talk about, but it's okay to ask how I am doing.  It's okay to ask me about Brody-being an open adoption, I'm in contact withe family and get updates on him.  For those I am close to, ask to see pictures!  

It's real and it did happen and he is a part of me.  So it's ok to talk about it and ask about.  If you acknowledge it, and show you are comfortable with the topic, I don't have to act like it didn't happen.  I don't have to hide it.  I can embrace it.

That's just my advice for my loved ones who care, but don't know how to react.  Acknowledgement is key.

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