Thursday, October 2, 2014


"I can't wait to see you!  It's been forever!"
"I can't wait either!  One of Terry's friends is here.  He saw your picture on Facebook and said you were pretty.  He wants to meet you."
"Umm... Okay.  Well I'm definitely not looking to meet anyone right now... So... yeah. But I still can't wait to see you.  I have to go to a dinner with my mom and Mrs. Pat and then I will head your way."
....After a great dinner with Mrs. Pat and my mom I head towards Amy's house, but on the way I call her to let her know....

HE answers the phone.
"Um hey, where's Amy?"
"She's in the bathroom.  She told me to answer if you called."
"Okay, well I am on my way, and I will be there in like 10 minutes."
"Yes ma'am.  I will tell her."  Yes ma'am?  What is that?
When I get there I go to the front door and knock, and HE answers the door.
"Uh, hey, where's Amy?"
"In her room.  You look nice."
"Thanks."  I barely responded as I whipped past him to visit with my dear friend who I had not seen in ages.
She and I talk and catch up on life-we have soo much to catch up on.  Walter decides to join our conversation.  Terry is in his own world so Walter decides to use the opportunity to get to know me.  I do my best to ignore him-or at least any part of him that is interested in me.

After a while it went from Amy and I talking to Walter and I talking... and talking...and talking.  When it was time to go he walked me to my car.  When I got home I sent a text to my friend Michelle telling her I had just met my future husband. 

Walter is the most amazing guy ever.  He treats me the way every girl should be treated.  He reminds me so much of my dad, which is a huge compliment.  He encourages me to stay close to Christ.  Because of the way that he loves me I finally understand (in a deeper way) why marriage is symbolic of Christ and the Church (even though we aren't married yet).  This allows me to realize in an even deeper way how much God loves me.  I am so thankful for him.  I cannot wait to be his wife and I am just amazed at how blessed I am to have him.

There are several reasons why our story is beautiful.  There's the way that he loves me.  There is also the fact that I wasn't looking for or wanting a relationship and he came out of nowhere.  When I was single and didn't want to be I would just roll my eyes when people said, "It will happen when you least expect it and when you aren't looking for it."  Now I tell all of my single friends the same thing... and then they roll their eyes at me.  

But the thing that I find most beautiful about our relationship is the fact that Walter was adopted. 

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